Transfer Instrustions

Step 1. Place shirt on the lower platen of heat press.

Step 2. Lay the heat transfer on shirt (face down)

Step 3. Cover transfer with parchment paper and press

Step 4. When transfer is completly cold carefully remove film from shirt

Step 5. Repress with a sheet of parchment paper

To ensure a matte finish and washability, it is important to repress applied transfer covered with a sheet of parchment paper.


Care Instructions: Cold Wash inside out | Delicate cycle | Low dryer or hang dry

Cover transfer with parchment paper when ironing.


If the transfer has not completely adhered to the shirt for any reason, you can repress. Additional application time will not harm the transfer.

When applying to a 50/50 blend t-shirt, you should use the polyester instructions instead of the cotton because the temperature is lower to prevent scorching.

To achieve optimal washability, increase finishing time, temperature and pressure. Avoid placing the transfer over or near collars, seams or pockets as this will create uneven pressure. You can place a heat pillow under the substrate to help create a flatter surface for more evenly applied pressure.

Make sure to pre-heat polyester and nylon by pressing for 10 seconds before applying transfer to avoid shrinking and ensure good transfer adhesion. Always place the transfer media in the middle of your heat press.


Always select a less stretchy fabric (no spandex or lycra)

to prevent cracking when pulling/stretching the fabric apart.

How to Press Dtf Transfers 

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